PRADO-based Applications

A range of web applications have been built using the PRADO Framework. Have a look at our latest references. More applications built in PRADO can be found in our forum.

If you have a Web application built in PRADO and would like us to show it off here, please post in our forum with a detailed description of your site. We will review the posts and sites regularly and choose stable and suitable ones to this page.


Artemide is a leader in residential and architectural lightning controlling 18 firms worldwide. The website contains products, projects and other corporate information in addition to a press room and a seperate area for publications.

The whole site is driven by the PRADO Framework, even the Flash part. It uses I18N and about 50 custom component and services.

Atree & Brilho

Artee & Brilho is a Brazillian organizer of parties and events with style. The website is built with the PRADO Framework.


Boigrenland is a Norwegian website built in PRADO v2.1. The application architecture is much like the PRADO PetShop application. PRADO is mainly used presentation layer. All business logic is done in clean PHP5 classes, 100% independent of PRADO.


Discollective is an online community of music enthusiasts. The community provides an environment for users to discover new music through member recommendations and reviews, comparison shop for cd's and vinyl albums through leading vendors such as Amazon, eBay, iTunes and Gemm and share music opinions by writing artist, album, and song reviews. All built with the PRADO Framework.

Article Base

article base aims at creating a large database of articles which are contributed by and accessible to everyone anywhere in the world. The application was written in PRADO v3.


zegna is the natural evolution of, based on PRADO v3. The data exchange between flash and database relies on a v3 custom service. It uses i18n with oriental cultures. The administration back office is also built in v3, allows to manage product, news and static pages.


Coinsville is an online coin catalog with application for coin collectors.


DiverHabana is a site to promote Cuban culture. Artists can now register and promote cultural events and share their artistic work with all Cubans in seconds. On the other hand, everyone looking for fun can now search for their preferred events and rapidly to know all the information about it and even subscribe to some artists to receive by email automatic updates of their events.