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  • The PRADO Blog Tutorial - This tutorial shows how to use PRADO to build a complete Web application. Prior PRADO knowledge is not required.
  • The QuickStart Tutorial - This tutorial is a definitive guidance showing every aspect of PRADO. It is written in PRADO and contains many demos to show the usage of various PRADO controls. The tutorial is also available as a PDF file.
  • The SQLMap Tutorial - This tutorial is a definitive guidance on how to use SQLMap (available since v3.1.0).


  • Hello World (11.8MB, QuickTime): a short video on how to create the "Hello World" demo using PHP and PRADO 3.x.
  • The PRADO Blog Tutorial (Flash plugin required): this is the complete PRADO blog tutorial in Flash format. Split over 6 videos to a sum of about 60 mins in total. Kudos to Wei Zhuo!