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  BackColor string the background color of the control.
  BorderColor string the border color of the control.
  BorderStyle string the border style of the control.
  BorderWidth string the border width of the control.
  CssClass string the CSS class of the control.
  CustomStyle string the custom style of the control.
  DisplayStyle TDisplayStyle display style.
R Font TFont the font of the control.
  ForeColor string the foreground color of the control.
  Height string the height of the control.
R StyleFields array list of style fields.
  Width string the width of the control.
  addAttributesToRender Adds attributes related to CSS styles to renderer.
  addParsedObject Processes an object that is created during parsing template. (inherited from TComponent)
  attachEventHandler Attaches an event handler to an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  canGetProperty Determines whether a property can be read. (inherited from TComponent)
  canSetProperty Determines whether a property can be set. (inherited from TComponent)
  clearStyleField Clears a single style field value; .
  copyFrom Copies the fields in a new style to this style.
  createdOnTemplate This method is invoked after the component is instantiated by a template. (inherited from TComponent)
  detachEventHandler Detaches an existing event handler. (inherited from TComponent)
  evaluateExpression Evaluates a PHP expression in the context of this control. (inherited from TComponent)
  evaluateStatements Evaluates a list of PHP statements. (inherited from TComponent)
  getEventHandlers Returns the list of attached event handlers for an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  getStyleField a single style field value set via setStyleField.
  getSubProperty Evaluates a property path. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasCssClass true if CSS is set or empty.
  hasEvent Determines whether an event is defined. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasEventHandler whether an event has been attached one or several handlers. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasFont true if font is set.
  hasProperty Determines whether a property is defined. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasStyleField whether a style field has been defined by setStyleField.
  mergeWith Merges the style with a new one.
  raiseEvent Raises an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  reset Resets the style to the original empty state.
  setStyleField Sets a single style field value.
  setSubProperty Sets a value to a property path. (inherited from TComponent)
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