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Namespace: System.Web
Inheritance: TComponent » TApplicationComponent »
R Application TApplication current application instance. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
  AutoStart boolean whether the session should be automatically started when the session module is initialized, defaults to false.
R Cookie THttpCookie cookie that will be used to store session ID.
  CookieMode THttpSessionCookieMode how to use cookie to store session ID.
R Count integer the number of session variables.
  GCProbability integer the probability (percentage) that the gc (garbage collection) process is started on every session initialization, defaults to 1 meaning 1% chance.
  ID string id of this module.
R IsStarted boolean whether the session has started.
R Iterator TSessionIterator Returns an iterator for traversing the session variables.
R Keys array the list of session variable names.
R Request THttpRequest the current user request. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
R Response THttpResponse the response. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
  SavePath string the current session save path, defaults to '/tmp'.
R Service IService the current service. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
R Session THttpSession user session. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
  SessionID string the current session ID.
  SessionName string the current session name.
  Timeout integer the number of seconds after which data will be seen as 'garbage' and cleaned up, defaults to 1440 seconds.
  UseCustomStorage boolean whether to use user-specified handlers to store session data.
  UseTransparentSessionID boolean whether transparent sid support is enabled or not, defaults to false.
R User IUser information about the current user. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
  _close Session close handler.
  _destroy Session destroy handler.
  _gc Session GC (garbage collection) handler.
  _open Session open handler.
  _read Session read handler.
  _write Session write handler.
  add Adds a session variable.
  addParsedObject Processes an object that is created during parsing template. (inherited from TComponent)
  attachEventHandler Attaches an event handler to an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  canGetProperty Determines whether a property can be read. (inherited from TComponent)
  canSetProperty Determines whether a property can be set. (inherited from TComponent)
  clear Removes all session variables.
  close Ends the current session and store session data.
  contains whether there is the named session variable.
  count Returns the number of items in the session.
  createdOnTemplate This method is invoked after the component is instantiated by a template. (inherited from TComponent)
  destroy Destroys all data registered to a session.
  detachEventHandler Detaches an existing event handler. (inherited from TComponent)
  evaluateExpression Evaluates a PHP expression in the context of this control. (inherited from TComponent)
  evaluateStatements Evaluates a list of PHP statements. (inherited from TComponent)
  getEventHandlers Returns the list of attached event handlers for an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  getSubProperty Evaluates a property path. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasEvent Determines whether an event is defined. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasEventHandler whether an event has been attached one or several handlers. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasProperty Determines whether a property is defined. (inherited from TComponent)
  init Initializes the module.
  itemAt Returns the session variable value with the session variable name.
  offsetExists This method is required by the interface ArrayAccess.
  offsetGet This method is required by the interface ArrayAccess.
  offsetSet This method is required by the interface ArrayAccess.
  offsetUnset This method is required by the interface ArrayAccess.
  open Starts the session if it has not started yet.
  publishAsset Publishes a private asset and gets its URL. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
  publishFilePath Publishes a file or directory and returns its URL. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
  raiseEvent Raises an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  regenerate Update the current session id with a newly generated one .
  remove Removes a session variable.
  setSubProperty Sets a value to a property path. (inherited from TComponent)
  toArray the list of all session variables in array.
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