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Namespace: System.Web
Inheritance: TComponent » TApplicationComponent »
R AbsoluteApplicationUrl string entry script URL (w/ host part).
R AcceptTypes string user browser accept types.
R Application TApplication current application instance. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
R ApplicationFilePath string application entry script file path (processed w/ realpath()).
R ApplicationUrl string entry script URL (w/o host part).
R BaseUrl string schema and hostname of the requested URL.
R Browser array user browser capabilities @see get_browser.
  CgiFix integer whether to use ORIG_PATH_INFO and/or ORIG_SCRIPT_NAME.
R ContentType string content type (e.
R Cookies THttpCookieCollection list of cookies to be sent.
R Count integer the number of items in the request.
  EnableCookieValidation boolean whether cookies should be validated.
R EnvironmentVariables array list of environment variables.
R Headers array .
R HttpProtocolVersion string the requested http procolol.
  ID string id of this module.
R IsSecureConnection boolean if the request is sent via secure channel (https).
R Iterator Iterator Returns an iterator for traversing the items in the list.
R Keys array the key list.
R PathInfo string part of the request URL after script name and before question mark.
R QueryString string part of that request URL after the question mark.
R Request THttpRequest the current user request. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
R RequestResolved boolean true if request is already resolved, false otherwise.
R RequestType string request type, can be GET, POST, HEAD, or PUT.
R RequestUri string part of that request URL after the host info (including pathinfo and query string).
R Response THttpResponse the response. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
R ServerName string server name.
R ServerPort integer server port number.
R ServerVariables array list of server variables.
R Service IService the current service. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
  ServiceID string requested service ID.
  ServiceParameter string requested service parameter.
R Session THttpSession user session. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
R UploadedFiles array list of uploaded files.
R Url TUri the request URL.
  UrlFormat THttpRequestUrlFormat the format of URLs.
  UrlManager string the ID of the URL manager module.
R UrlManagerModule TUrlManager the URL manager module.
  UrlParamSeparator string separator used to separate GET variable name and value when URL format is Path.
R UrlReferrer string URL referrer, null if not present.
R User IUser information about the current user. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
R UserAgent string user agent.
R UserHost string user host name, null if cannot be determined.
R UserHostAddress string user IP address.
R UserLanguages array Returns a list of user preferred languages.
  add Adds an item into the request.
  addParsedObject Processes an object that is created during parsing template. (inherited from TComponent)
  attachEventHandler Attaches an event handler to an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  canGetProperty Determines whether a property can be read. (inherited from TComponent)
  canSetProperty Determines whether a property can be set. (inherited from TComponent)
  clear Removes all items in the request.
  constructUrl Constructs a URL that can be recognized by PRADO.
  contains whether the request contains an item with the specified key.
  count Returns the number of items in the request.
  createdOnTemplate This method is invoked after the component is instantiated by a template. (inherited from TComponent)
  detachEventHandler Detaches an existing event handler. (inherited from TComponent)
  evaluateExpression Evaluates a PHP expression in the context of this control. (inherited from TComponent)
  evaluateStatements Evaluates a list of PHP statements. (inherited from TComponent)
  getEventHandlers Returns the list of attached event handlers for an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  getSubProperty Evaluates a property path. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasEvent Determines whether an event is defined. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasEventHandler whether an event has been attached one or several handlers. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasProperty Determines whether a property is defined. (inherited from TComponent)
  init Initializes the module.
  itemAt Returns the item with the specified key.
  offsetExists Returns whether there is an element at the specified offset.
  offsetGet Returns the element at the specified offset.
  offsetSet Sets the element at the specified offset.
  offsetUnset Unsets the element at the specified offset.
P parseUrl Parses the request URL and returns an array of input parameters (excluding GET variables).
  publishAsset Publishes a private asset and gets its URL. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
  publishFilePath Publishes a file or directory and returns its URL. (inherited from TApplicationComponent)
  raiseEvent Raises an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  remove Removes an item from the request by its key.
  resolveRequest Resolves the requested service.
  setSubProperty Sets a value to a property path. (inherited from TComponent)
  stripSlashes Strips slashes from input data.
  toArray the list of items in array.
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