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Namespace: System.Data
Inheritance: TComponent »
R ColumnCount int the number of columns in the result set.
R IsClosed boolean whether the reader is closed or not.
R RowCount int number of rows contained in the result.
  addParsedObject Processes an object that is created during parsing template. (inherited from TComponent)
  attachEventHandler Attaches an event handler to an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  bindColumn Binds a column to a PHP variable.
  canGetProperty Determines whether a property can be read. (inherited from TComponent)
  canSetProperty Determines whether a property can be set. (inherited from TComponent)
  close Closes the reader.
  createdOnTemplate This method is invoked after the component is instantiated by a template. (inherited from TComponent)
  current Returns the current row.
  detachEventHandler Detaches an existing event handler. (inherited from TComponent)
  evaluateExpression Evaluates a PHP expression in the context of this control. (inherited from TComponent)
  evaluateStatements Evaluates a list of PHP statements. (inherited from TComponent)
  getEventHandlers Returns the list of attached event handlers for an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  getSubProperty Evaluates a property path. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasEvent Determines whether an event is defined. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasEventHandler whether an event has been attached one or several handlers. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasProperty Determines whether a property is defined. (inherited from TComponent)
  key Returns the index of the current row.
  next Moves the internal pointer to the next row.
  nextResult Advances the reader to the next result when reading the results of a batch of statements.
  raiseEvent Raises an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  read Advances the reader to the next row in a result set.
  readAll Reads the whole result set into an array.
  readColumn Returns a single column from the next row of a result set.
  readObject Returns a single column from the next row of a result set.
  rewind Resets the iterator to the initial state.
  setFetchMode .
  setSubProperty Sets a value to a property path. (inherited from TComponent)
  valid Returns whether there is a row of data at current position.
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