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Namespace: System
Inheritance: TComponent »
RP ApplicationConfigurationClass {unknown} .
  ApplicationStatePersister IStatePersister application state persister.
  AssetManager TAssetManager asset manager.
R AuthorizationRules TAuthorizationRuleCollection list of authorization rules for the current request.
  BasePath string the directory containing the application configuration file (absolute path).
  Cache ICache the cache module, null if cache module is not installed.
  ConfigurationFile string the application configuration file (absolute path).
R ConfigurationFileExt string the applictaion configuration type.
R ConfigurationFileName string the default configuration file name.
  ConfigurationType string the application configuration file (absolute path).
  ErrorHandler TErrorHandler the error handler module.
  Globalization TGlobalization globalization module.
  ID string application ID.
  Mode TApplicationMode application mode.
R Modules array list of loaded application modules, indexed by module IDs.
  PageServiceID string page service ID.
R Parameters TMap Returns the list of application parameters.
  Request THttpRequest the request module.
R RequestCompleted boolean whether the current request is processed.
  Response THttpResponse the response module.
  RuntimePath string the directory storing cache data and application-level persistent data.
  SecurityManager TSecurityManager the security manager module.
  Service IService the currently requested service.
  Session THttpSession the session module, null if session module is not installed.
R UniqueID string an ID that uniquely identifies this Prado application from the others.
  User IUser the application user.
OnAuthentication Raises OnAuthentication event.
OnAuthenticationComplete Raises OnAuthenticationComplete event.
OnAuthorization Raises OnAuthorization event.
OnAuthorizationComplete Raises OnAuthorizationComplete event.
OnBeginRequest Raises OnBeginRequest event.
OnEndRequest Raises OnEndRequest event.
OnError Raises OnError event.
OnLoadState Raises OnLoadState event.
OnLoadStateComplete Raises OnLoadStateComplete event.
OnPreFlushOutput Raises OnPreFlushOutput event.
OnPreRunService Raises OnPreRunService event.
OnSaveState Raises OnSaveState event.
OnSaveStateComplete Raises OnSaveStateComplete event.
  addParsedObject Processes an object that is created during parsing template. (inherited from TComponent)
  applyConfiguration Applies an application configuration.
  attachEventHandler Attaches an event handler to an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  canGetProperty Determines whether a property can be read. (inherited from TComponent)
  canSetProperty Determines whether a property can be set. (inherited from TComponent)
  clearGlobalState Clears a global value.
  completeRequest Completes current request processing.
  createdOnTemplate This method is invoked after the component is instantiated by a template. (inherited from TComponent)
  detachEventHandler Detaches an existing event handler. (inherited from TComponent)
  evaluateExpression Evaluates a PHP expression in the context of this control. (inherited from TComponent)
  evaluateStatements Evaluates a list of PHP statements. (inherited from TComponent)
  flushOutput Flushes output to client side.
  getEventHandlers Returns the list of attached event handlers for an event. (inherited from TComponent)
  getGlobalState Returns a global value.
  getModule the module with the specified ID, null if not found.
  getSubProperty Evaluates a property path. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasEvent Determines whether an event is defined. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasEventHandler whether an event has been attached one or several handlers. (inherited from TComponent)
  hasProperty Determines whether a property is defined. (inherited from TComponent)
P initApplication Loads configuration and initializes application.
P loadGlobals Loads global values from persistent storage.
  raiseEvent Raises an event. (inherited from TComponent)
P resolvePaths Resolves application-relevant paths.
  run Executes the lifecycles of the application.
  runService Runs the requested service.
P saveGlobals Saves global values into persistent storage.
  setGlobalState Sets a global value.
  setModule Adds a module to application.
  setSubProperty Sets a value to a property path. (inherited from TComponent)
  startService Starts the specified service.
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